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New Car

In keeping with my desire to throw money down the toilet every 3 years, my Nissan 350z has gone the way of the dealer tradein.  To be replaced with a Honda Civic Type S GT in black.
That is all.


Don’t you hate reading how its been ages since someone updated their blog?    So I won’t bother.   Much has happened in the last few months the main thing being I quit my job at the start of December.  (I’m still working for them on a part time freelance basis while I decide what to do next though)
I got an Xbox 360.  So that’s been taking up far too much of my time.   My gamertag is clubbedseal if you want to add me.   Also I got a PSP. 
Been trying to think of some good ideas to develop but not really getting anywhere fast (if you have any please feel free to let me rip them off)
Ok so I lied not much has happened really.

Disturbing DVD stats

My Dvd Collection currently has 514 titles.  Amounting to 129674 minutes of running time.  Which is 2161.2 hours.  Or 90 days solid viewing.
View the list here

Microsoft listens to me?

As I posted in a comment over at furrygoat in september I thought foldershare should be built into windows.  Well it seems someone at microsoft was listening (cause they need me to advise them you see, my bill is in the post ) They’ve announced today they’ve been brought by Microsoft.  Congratulations to all those at ByteTaxi.

Health and safety gone mad

I live opposite a fire station, and when they put the engine away, they’ve obviously have been told they should have someone standing in the road to stop traffic.  Now call me stupid, but if someone is blind enough to not be able see the huge red engine blocking the road, they sure as hell aint gonna see the bloke standing there.

American open wheel racing

Where Tracy is a man and Patrick is a woman.  Its all very confusing ;)

XBox 360 Pricing

So the prices are out.  Just need a release date now
I’ll leave the ranting about why its more expensive in the uk.   I’ve just come to accept that now.  (and MS are still in my good books for the free games and controller I got when they reduced the price of the original xboxs a few weeks after launch)
However I’ve seen a few comments about the "base" spec not making a lot of sense.  To some extent I agree shipping with no announced way to save your games (short of buying a memory card or hard drive) is going to make for a bad gaming experience. Unless there is someway to save you games via Xbox live?   But even then its not going to cover everyone. 
But if you take the announced non gaming capabilitys, i.e. the media center extender functionality and the ability to play music and pictures from any pc, then the base model starts to seem a little more reasonable.  Still not cheap but not a lot more expensive than the current media devices, heck my mp3 player cost more than that and that can’t play games or be updgraded.
Maybe the USB support for mass storage devices means you can plug in an exisiting memory key or external harddrive and the machine will use that? (I’ll bet it can’t)

Whatever happened to….

Hippy convoys and road protesters (in the swampy style)
In fact whatever happened to swampy?

RIP the telephone number?

With the current growth of IM/VOIP/email etc do we actually still need the humble telephone number? At least for now, (and probably for the foreseeable future) I guess it’s going to still be there.  But think about it, when you send an IM or make a call from a mobile, you more than likely don’t actually dial a number any more, you select a name from a contacts list.   The only time you actually type the email address or phone number is when you actually enter it into the device.

I guess the next logical step in this is that everyone is issued with a single id (preferably something long non numerical and random to prevent spamming). This then is used to identify you with which ever service you happen to be using and for storing your status information.   Then you can add people to white lists and block them easily and you can be contactable (or not) on whichever device you happen to be using.  Imagine sitting at home and the local double glazing salesman rings.  Up pops his profile information on the display of your phone and you can make a decision to reject the call and block future contact from him.  Even if you choose to answer it and then later decide you want to block him then that’s easy, same with email.  If your email address was never published anywhere but was encoded against your unique ID anyone could send you a message but you could decide to ignore anything not in your white list for example with the benefit of this being a one stop shop as it blocks other forms of junk too.

What are the problems with this idea?  I guess someone gaining access to your ID.  But that’s a problem now anyway.  I guess there are occasions where you don’t want some company you are calling to be able to get your details. (E.g. getting a price on something to compare, or a bit of spying on the competition) This could be handled with a request/reject system.  Imagine ringing for a pizza and they can press a button to get your address.  Up pops a dialog on your screen requesting that information and you can accept or reject it. (And of course imagine if the status (online/offline etc) was location aware so if you were working late at the office the system would know that and the pizza would come to you.

What are the other problems?  Is anyone working on this?  Are the privacy/security issues too much for people to be accepting of the idea?  Would the phone companies/IM systems accept it or would they see it as a threat?

I’ve been having all sorts of problems with my Bluetooth adapter on my PC.  It worked great until my hard drive died before Christmas but now it just blue screens XP when I try and install the drivers. (There are some specific XP drivers available (MS HCL approved ones), but they don’t support the headset profile so aint any good to me as I only want to use the adapter with skype.

As an experiment I plugged it into my Mac Mini it was immediately recognised and I was paired up with my mobile in a few seconds.  I’ve yet to see if the Mac actually supports the headset but if it does with the recent release of skype for the Mac my problem could be solved.


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